New England Soup Challenge, March 24th, 2012

My hearty vegetarian lentil soup made it to the finals of the midwest soup challenge and came out 'The Winner'.

Five finalists from different cities in the midwest were invited to the Ilinois Culinary Institute in Peoria, IL on March 24, 2012. Three judges voted on the best tasting soup and the nutritional values of the soups. The other four soups were quite different, a couple were chicken based, one sea food and one was a Tortilla soup. Two were creamy soups.

The award and prizes included a weekend getaway to Martha's vineyard, a weekend stay at the quaint inn in Peoria, a gift certificate for dinner for two and a heavy-duty chef's ladle. Read...

Here are comments from readers.

I received this feedback from one of the gentlemen who attended my workshop on August 14th, 2010.

"I was impressed with not only your culinary skills but your usage, demonstration, and narration of the same. I like Indians who not only know their culture and heritage but also know how to explain its linkage with healthy Indian cuisine, herbs, and spices. On top of that your healthy cooking really is healthy. You walked the talk and I truly appreciate that.

Thank you for doing such a great job!! And I look forward to participating in future classes."

- Sachin

"Thank you so much.  I am very excited about your website.  I look forward to learning about Indian cooking through your site. Congratulations and I wish you much success in your new endeavor! "

"I love the website! I am going to enjoy some of that stuff!!!!
I am also going to pass onto some of my Vegetarian friends
I wish you much luck with it...I will check back on your classes, as I am sure a couple of us would be very interested in doing that too!!!
So exciting!"

"I love how clean and fast your web site is! You've done a great job in the design. I've book marked it for the future."

"I love it! This is such a great idea, and you know, the timing is great for me."

"Very nice and professionally created.  It will be successful."

"I checked out your blog and love it. I will have to make time to practice and experiment with some of your cooking ideas."

"The website is beautiful...it really has a great look...I can't wait to try some of the recipes."

"I just took a quick glance, very impressive, i plan to search around and hopefully cook some recipies of yours, fun idea."

"I am impressed, great design, well done. You inspired me."

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