Vidya SwamyWelcome to swamyskitchen.com. Sometime in 2004 while working on a project for my employer at the time, I started building a Web site to understand content creation for a site. I then decided to create a personal kitchen site so it will be available for my children years into the future. It had been dormant for quite a while. I just recently decided to revive the same site and build upon it into what you see here.

My discriminating taste buds developed as I was growing up through exposure to excellent south Indian cooking at home. Over the years, I further developed my interest in cooking. I am also a health-conscious cook ever aware of what goes into the food I prepare for my family. However, I refuse to sacrifice taste for health and vice versa. I have discovered that tasty food can also be healthy.

My children in turn know what good taste is all about. My husband is a true connoisseur of all foods and especially south Indian cuisine. He is an honest critic and I attribute my talent in cooking to his appreciation and encouragement. His standards are indeed high and, if I have been able to meet those standards all these years, I believe I am a good cook. Over the years, my friends and the rest of my extended family have also enjoyed the authentic tastes. They have been able to incorporate some of the vegetarian recipes into their meat preparations and so far have not been disappointed.

Through this site, I hope to reveal to you everything I know about good, healthy vegetarian food in particular, south Indian. The recipes I have on this site can be easily adapted to your levels of spice, salt and other taste requirements.

I would like your help. Please visit my blog at swamyskitchen.blogspot.com. Share your thoughts and views on everything related to vegetarian food and this site. I will strive to answer all your questions and introduce you to a whole new world. Again, remember you don't have to sacrifice health for taste.