Discover the fabulous tastes of a never-ending variety of vegetarian foods to delight your palette. The recipes on this site will satiate people looking for both taste and health. If you just switched to being a vegetarian, you will be tantalized with so many flavors that you won't ever miss eating meat. You can create magic with just vegetables! Vegetarian diets need not be restricted to just salads. Over the years I have learned that Indian desserts are not necessarily popular among the maintstream population. I will introduce you to some special ones off and on. Check out all recipes.

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Cabbage Curry

Cabbage Curry
This is a very simple, yet delectable dish that can be prepared in about 20 mins.

Pointer 1: Pick cabbage heads that feel firm and heavy. They do not have to be big in size.
Pointer 2: Adding a half-teaspoon of turmeric can make this dish more flavorful and colorful. Also read the health benefits of this wonder spice.


Puri - A puffy wheat bread
For a basic, healthy preparation of these all you would need are wheat flour and some water.

Pointer 1: Puris are the tastiest when served as they are made.
Pointer 2: Adding a teaspoon or so of oil or ghee (melted butter) when preparing the dough will keep it soft if they need to be served a few hours late and
not rightaway.

Potato Curry

Potato Curry
There are too many ways of preparing a potato dish. I will begin with a simple curry.

Pointer 1: My preference for this particular dish, is to use the yellow or red potatoes. Not the ones used for baking.
Pointer 2: Potatoes have to be cooked soon after peeling the skin. Otherwise, they tend
to discolor.


Kheer - Rice Pudding the Indian way
I have noticed that my friends love it since this taste is not completely new.

Pointer 1: Use a heavy bottomed pot so the milk does not stick to the bottom.
Constant stirring is required to prevent the bottom getting too hot.