For a basic, healthy preparation of these all you would need are wheat flour and some water.

Pointer 1: Puris are the tastiest when served as they are made.
Pointer 2: Adding 2 teaspoons or so of oil or ghee (melted butter) when preparing the dough will keep it soft if they need to be served a few hours late and not rightaway.
Pointer 3: If made as soon as the dough is prepared, it soaks literally no oil at all.


  • You may use a cup of any of the following flour:
    Unbleached wheat flour
    Regular bleached wheat flour
    All purpose flour
    I prefer to use unbleached wheat flour as it has more wheat germ and fiber. You really don't have to sacrifice taste here at all.
  • Rolling pin^
  • Oil to fry
  • 1/2 tsp. Salt (I don't use any salt)

Take a cup of the flour of your preference. Add lukewarm water a little at a time as you mix. Make a dough that feels soft to the touch and not sticky. It should feel like pizza dough. You may add 2 teaspoons of oil if you want to make it many hours ahead of serving. Once the dough is ready, take a wok and add about two cups of oil. Let the oil heat. The temperature needs to be hot enough for quick frying.

Preparing the Puri
Take the dough, make several small balls the size of pingpong balls. Take each of the rounded dough and using a rolling pin, flatten them into a circle, the size of a corn tortilla. You may work with the rolling pin straight on the counter top or if you prefer you may buy a heavy granite or stone piece^ for this purpose, lay it on the counter and flatten the dough on top of it.

Drop the round puris in oil. Test the oil to see if it is hot enough by throwing a little piece of dough into it. If it is ready for frying, the piece will immediately bounce to the surface. If the oil is not hot enough the puris will soak in a lot of oil. We want to make this with no grease if possible. And it is. So, once you drop the puris in the oil, it will bounce to the surface. Take a flat stainless steel spatula and lightly press the puris. It will puff up like a little round ball. Turn it over and cook both sides. It should take about a couple minutes for each puri to turn into a golden yellow brown. Now remove it from the oil and place them in a plate with a couple paper towels to help absorb any oil.

Puris may be served with any vegetable. Most popular ones are potato masala and chole.

^ Please contact me for any of these ingredients or utensils.

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