This is extremely easy to prepare. And, more natural than the store bought ones that have added salt, and other completely unnecessary ingredients.

Buy 1% or 2% milk. Regular Vitamin D of course tastes even better. But if you are health conscious, 1% or 2% is perfect. Boil the milk. The boiling point is until the milk gets so hot that it is ready to boil over your pot. Boiling can be done over stove or in the microwave. Over the stove when turned into yogurt and buttermilk tastes better. But you may need to constantly stir the milk so it does not overflow or stick to the pot.

Pointer 1: You need a good yogurt culture to start this process. I generally buy Stonefield Farms regular yogurt. If that is not available then Breyers is good.

Pointer 2: During the summer months since the temperature is warm only half of what I have suggested as culture is nedeed. During the winter months I have found it necessary to keep the boiled milk after the culture is added, in a warm corner or cover the pot with something warm to give it the environment it needs for the conversion process..


  • 4 cups of milk
  • 1 Tbsp. of your store-bought yogurt. This is the culture to make more yogurt. (for less tart yogurt and buttermilk use less of this culture)

Boil the milk thoroughly. Keep stirring so the milk does not get burned at the bottom. When it reaches the boiling point turn off heat. If heating in microwave, you may heat the milk for 18 mins. total. Let it heat continuously for 9 mins. Then stir the milk once and continue heating for another 9 minutes.

After the milk cools down to a little warmer than lukewarm, take the Tbsp. of the yogurt and add it to the boiled milk. Mix it well. Just one stir will do. Now cover the pot and place it as suggested in a warm spot. I generally do this overnight, so the yogurt is set in the morning. It basically needs about 7 hours to set. Taste it. You'll love it. Now this is yogurt like you get in the stores, only more natural and better tasting. It will not have a sticky consistence either.

Turning yogurt into buttermilk: Take a cup of the yogurt, pour it into a blender and just blend it a couple times. You have your buttermilk. You may add water for the preferred consistency.

^ Please contact me for help with any of these ingredients or utensils.

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